Seating Charts

For our first #MondayMyth, lets talk seating charts.

Now, seating charts are helpful, that’s no doubt. Taking the time to develop a plan will absolutely save time on on your guest finding their seats and reduces your stress to detain family drama, crazy friend cliques. whatever you want to control, you totally can with a seating chart.
Seating charts are also important to think about when you think layout. Are you having round tables? a sweet heart table? a parents table? long tables? one sided seating? a dance floor in the center?  These are important!! Where is grandma going, your bridal party, you and your spouse sitting etc? Who do you want to see the dance up close and who has to sit? Will you have cocktail tables?

Here is the point and the #mondaymyth: YOU DO NOT NEED A SEATING CHART AT YOUR WEDDING!!! If you have ever planned a wedding or been to a wedding, there are bigger things to worry about. I planned a wedding with 200 guests, outdoor, long tables, a sweet heart table, bridal table, with NO seating chart and relied on my guests to just sit down and feel the love. My one small tip, have a day of coordinator to help with any lost guests or any last minute details for the big day!

Pro & Cons with no seating chart:

Pro: save time and money!!! You will not need to buy escort cards or set them up, you could eliminate or buying a large sheet to print out and frame etc or spend time writing out names. Also, it will lower your anxiety about RSVP’S because you don’t have to worry about where they will sit!

Con: It is harder to do a sit down dinner this way because you will be relying over RSVP’s and how much to count for you caterer.

Stay tuned for more party planning tips and welcome to the wonderful inside world of Dayna Scott Events

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