#MondayMyths: First Looks

Ah, the first look. what we may think as a newer addition to the wedding scene, but the practice of staging a semi-private meeting. Chances are, you you’ve seen some of the gorgeous images of couples meeting on their wedding day, sometimes with their backs to each other or appearing from opposite ends of a field, and sometimes with a twist. However,this is your day. You don’t have to do a first look. If you want to see your beau during the procession that is a beautiful option; just schedule at least an hour in between the ceremony and the reception to do all the pictures.

I did my first look with my father. It was beautiful so #MondayMyths is: First looks are only with your future spouse. WRONG! They can be with you future spouse, parents, bridal party, grandparents, whomever you want!! I wanted my husband’s reaction to be at the church as I was walking down the aisle, but wanted my father and I to share a very special moment (as I am a huge daddy’s girl and only child) because he was always my first love. (Symbolism can be fun friends.) Before you decide whether to try or nix the first look,think about your pros and cons.


Our first tip, it gets all the tears out of the way!

I can’t promise that by doing a first look you won’t cry throughout the day, but since many couples decide to prepare for the wedding in separate rooms, the first look, whether it happens before the ceremony or as one is walking down the aisle, is often an emotional exchange full of sweet tears. I chose this with my father, and his tears were so special and sweet because he was been waiting a longgggg time for this; it is where we had the opportunity to say a few words, share a hug and exchange gifts.  If you tell your photographer you want a first look, you’ll still have the memory and photos, but it might save a more self-conscious groom or bride from tearing up in public. (p.s i got that crying reaction and it really is the bee’s knees. )

Next, let’s talk timeline.

 It’s part of the day the guests miss an hour or so of their wedding reception or cocktail hour. Photos of the couple, their wedding party and family often suck up a ton of time in the space between the  ceremony and the reception, which is one of the benefits of choosing a first look; you can get all the pre-planned shots and will not forget any favorite ideas.


When thinking from the eyes of a photographer, a first look will benefit for the light! Depending on your ceremony time is, you can grab some killer shots with great morning light. You don’t want to get everyone else’s photos out of the way, and miss out on the best lighting for you.

We are family–lets party!

Lastly, let’s be real, during family pictures, there will always be a relative (or 4)  who want a combination of images that are not on the original list. It happens. And it takes up more time. Doing a first look, with whomever, will help you delegate more time for these pop up requests. My dad and I are very close, so I chose to do a first look with him so that we could have our most authentic photos and then when we were with family later on we could do our “brave face”

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-Dayna J


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