Registry Wish

Can we just admit that traditional wedding registries can be repetitive and boring? Majority of young people move out on their own before they tie the knot or even think about moving in with a partner, concluding most already have plates, furniture and blenders. I had most of my wedding dreamed up by the age of thirteen  and I didn’t think about fancy lunch to go containers, a ninja bullet and monogrammed hand towels. What I love about weddings nowadays is there are so many practical options available. Instead of registering for nicer versions of items you already own, why not get creative and register for what you and your significant other actually want? Honeymoon funds, cash gifts, and charitable donations are becoming more and more popular each year, and it’s important that the wedding registry gurus keep up. Try an idea like:

Your Adult Dreamhouse!
People, weddings and homes are expensive and most couples try to bundle these two chapters into one big celebration in life! Perhaps you’re using your savings on the wedding instead of a house, or couldn’t even have your dream wedding because you just bought a house.  In either event, setting up a house registry fund is a great, practical option where if you set up the registry correctly, guests can see what exactly they’re paying for!!

Your Honeymoon! 
My husband and I joke that 75% of our relationship is spent in the car because we are always traveling (and who doesn’t love to travel). Online registries like Honeyfund make it easy for guests to contribute. If the whole “asking-for-money” thing makes you uncomfortable, set up the registry so that guests can pay for experiences and excursions or any extra service they’d like.

Your Choice Charity!
What better way to celebrate values such as selflessness, kindness and love than to participate in a charity registry for your big day? It’s a great way to add a individual touch to your wedding day by asking guests to donate to a good charity or cause. For more established couples, the charity registry might be the perfect option. Maybe you aren’t as established, but still feel this is a better alternative, check out  The Knot which will donate to the charity of your choice every time a guest purchases an item through your The Knot website!

When you realize the importance of wedding websites and wedding apps for staying organized and connected through the wedding planning process, it’s even more important than ever that registries are easy to use and intuitively designed — for couples and guests, so here is a list of my favorites:

1. Zola

2. Target

3. Tendr

3. Amazon

4. Blueprint Registry

5. Macy’s

6. Bed, Bath & Beyond

with love and passion,

xo- Dayna J

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