Classical or Predictable?

Symmetrical bridal parties? Garter tossing? Creamy letterpress invitations and programs? Cake to the face? Standard wedding traditions aren’t for everyone, myself included.  For example, a toast can be given on any type of alcohol, so skip the extra glassware on your table for champagne and let people lift up their beverage of choosing. You’ll save on both cost and space. Stand out with these fun wedding tweaks.


Let’s be honest, most recaps are different now,  for example,  digital photo albums for instant sharing because not everyone wants to open and flip through a huge book. Try a different idea for you guest book as well! My husband and I decided to go with a globe because our family and friends make our love and world go ’round–cute right!?


Surely you’ve seen four-legged ring bearers or flower pups by now—but have you seen doggie-biscuit open bars? Bring your pup along (it’s basically your child after all) and encourage others to do the same. The more puppy guests, the merrier.


Some  cities have other sweet alternatives, but for the most part traditional wedding cakes have become rather dated and stale. Did someone say say doughnut wall?


Families and BFFs know no gender—whoever is most important in your life should be up there to share in the moment, so embrace a mixed squad of groomswomen and bridesmen on both sides of the aisle.


There’s no need insanely expensive and fancy floral centerpieces. Runners, altars and boutonnieres comprised of minimalist greens are economical, on-trend and totally stunning in their simplicity. This was my favorite thing about our tables for the reception! Plus minimal cleanup.


if the Myspace Top 8 thing still haunts you, have no fear, just stand solo!  Maybe you’d rather your bridal party members contribute to the ceremony in other sweet ways; you can always acknowledge special people by seating them in the front row or giving them a shout-out in the program.


I heard you went to a wedding with a fancy Harley to ride the bride and groom into the night, so what are you going to do for the send-off? Sparklers are a staple, and fireworks can cost an actual gazillion dollars (plus be a nightmare for the venue…and those puppies we mentioned before). Instead, perhaps have guests light up the sky with paper lanterns! Guest can even write wishes inside for the happy couple.

Just a few ideas to set you apart and to have your night be one for the books…or globe.

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