Did Someone Say Gifts?

It’s hard to go wrong with a party full of desserts, cocktails, your favorite people gifts on gifts on gifts, so it makes perfect sense that pre-wedding showers are as popular and BIG! However it costs more than you think to be a bridesmaid, so if you’re planning a friend’s shower, do yourself a favor and keep the budget small

Here are some of my best tips for a great shower~

Throw a shower for the couple!

They already are in it to win it together, right? My husband and I are only children so we LOVE doing things together and it’s basically like an extended engagement party with gifts (did i mention brides love the gifts). You will have your bachelorette/ bachelor parties for the separate vibe!

Interactive Showers!

Some showers have turned more hands on, and Im not just talking about engagement ring cookie decorating either. 2019 is about thinking outside the box: virtual wine tasting, cocktail mixing, and more. Think about hosting a crafting shower and teach a flower-arranging lesson; guests can take their bouquets home as favors. No one really needs the little soaps or shoe-shaped paper weights often given out as prizes at bridal showers.

Save on Stationary!

A bridal shower is not a formal event, so it is more than acceptable to send an email invitation ! Choose a stylish option from a source such as Paperless Post to give the feel of a chic party without the cost of real stationery and postage (because stamps are inanely expensive during the wedding planning process)

Make It Yourself

Half the fun of showering the bride and groom-to-be is eating! Everyone feels loved with food, so make your favorite dishes, have your aunt decorate the cake, tell the guests you’re making it a potluck style shower- whatever you choose, you’ll save a ton on service and catering fees!

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