Rain-check, please!

Ladies, let’s be honest, when you go on a weekend getaway, how many outfits do you bring? 7 extra AT LEAST right?  [right!]

So you agree, you love having options and back up plans? So do we; make sure you have one for your big day!

If you’re anything like me, you love to have control over the details of your event, but sadly, we can’t book a sunny day in advance. If you want that outdoor venue, make sure it can accommodate for the wacky weather we get and make sure you have all your back up essentials. For example, clear plastic tarps are inexpensive and can protect your escort cards or linens,  if there’s a light shower or quick down pour.  Take a look at our list to see what you can do!

Event Insurance: 
Chances are you are dealing with a few vendors; I bet those vendors have insurance for any mishaps and you should too! If your venue doesn’t offer it, try checking with your home or car insurance company to see if you can add it to your plan (just for the day is great option too).  Best case scenario, you get it and don’t use it, leaving the peace of mind that you won’t pay an arm and a leg should something go wrong!

Favor Switch up:
You never know when the cold or the rain will strike, but you can prepare for it! You can offer items to your guests like umbrellas, scarves, gloves, or even small cute raincoats that will keep guests excited and focused, but cutting your cost of favors and stress in half!! Who doesn’t love checking off two boxes on their checklist at once? Plus, your guests will love knowing you had them in your mind when planning your big day!

Grab that inside space: 
I was just in this boat. I got married in September, hurricane season; it was imperative I thought of a rain plan when the weather can be hard to predict. So, I found a venue with an outdoor space and an indoor space. I did not have to worry about moving the wedding far it rain came, and while it costed extra money to make sure space is available, it is worth it.
(Reach out if you need suggestions or good venue spaces in the Pittsburgh, PA or Columbus OH area!)

Have you heard the expression, “wait it out”? Maybe you’re tracking the weather and it is supposed to only be a light shower, you can switch your cocktail hour to happen before the ceremony. While this isn’t our number 1 idea, it is a free solution. Just think, it can be raining before the ceremony, but clear up right before it is time to start walking down the aisle.  You may even want to take advantage of the storm to take amazing overcast pictures.

Tents are becoming a popular trend in the wedding world AND are the perfect backup plan for an outdoor wedding/event.  You can have clear siding on tents to enjoy the view, you can put heaters under them for a winter wedding/event for an unexpected cold front, all while guest are comfortable underneath. Some venues might have their own tent, but always make sure to check with your venue to make sure that it is an option to bring one of your own.

Smudge proof:
If you’re planning a wedding or birthday party and your planning to have it outside, make sure to wear that waterproof make-up; just because you might not be crying, doesn’t mean that rain can’t make your eyeliner run! plus, it’s a fun event, so you might cry tears of joy; be prepared either way!

xo, Dayna J.

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