Signature Spirits

You have wine, you have beer, but where are the spirits?

Now a days some weddings are choosing just wine and beer, while others are bringing the full bar action. While your guest will love you for a full, open bar, you can avoid a large bar tab and a large bar line by choosing a signature drink. These drinks are easy to make and you can easily give them your own twist! Remember, a signature drink is a lot like your own signature and will leave a lasting mark, so show your creative side by taking a well-known cocktail and giving it a catchy name or even take the same cocktail and make his or hers versions or whatever theme can work for your upcoming event!

Wedding Tip! Want to know how to lower costs even more for your wedding?  Start offering your signature drink during cocktail hour and then switching to beer and wine only for your reception. Ch-ching!

You’ll look like the hostess with the mostess.

-xo, Dayna J


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