Social Paparazzi: Let’s Talk Unplugged Weddings

Does anyone remember the episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody when the famous star his having a wedding at the Tipton and Cody spends the entire episode trying to get the perfect shot of the first kiss? Trespassing, causing commotion, and granted, that is children’s TV, but its not that far off from now; people LOVE getting the perfect shot of YOUR big day for THEIR social media.

The quality of built-in cameras in cell/mobile phones and the immediacy and capacity to share photos on social media have changed everything. These changes have meant that most people now have the ability to take photos or video and share them for the world to see in a matter of seconds. Think about it brides and grooms, you spend usually around a year planning for the perfect day and paying a photographer to capture all your moments; do you want your guests fiddling on their phones and cameras while you and your new spouse say your vows? No. absolutely not.

MY top three benefits to having an unplugged wedding are:
1. Your guests will pay attention and be present
2. Your professional photos won’t be compromised (nothing worse than trying to get a photo of the bride coming down the aisle with uncle John standing in the frame trying to get a nice snapshot)
3. Every guests’ privacy, including yours, is respected. Some people love posting everything that happens in their lives online and others avoid it at all costs.( If you want to get practical, when a guest takes a group photo at a private wedding they are assuming that everyone in the shot is okay with it being publicized, which may not always be the case…stay alert and warn your guests)
Now, you see why I love the idea of an unplugged wedding, so how to we warn our guests of our big plans??
1. Let your guests know ahead of time via your invitations (but never ON the invitation. You can use an insert in the envelope or alternatively, add the notification to your wedding website).
2. Have a cute sign made! My husband and I did this and it was such a highlight but also showed that we mean business.
3. Hire a day of coordinator (or nominate a diplomatic friend or two) to help encourage other guests to put their phone/camera away! As a DOC, I feel like it is so important to remind people that this is a once and a lifetime event- let’s pay attention!

For more tips on how to have the best unplugged wedding, visit or visit our Facebook page!

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